The usage and precautions for polyquaternary ammonium salts may vary depending on the specific application and product. The following are general directions and precautions for use for reference:

Method of use:

Adjustment of Concentration: The concentration of the polyquaternary ammonium salt can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the application. This can be determined from the manufacturer's recommendations or by performing laboratory tests.

For example: polydimethyl diallylammonium chloride (polyquaternium-6) should be prepared as a dilute solution when used alone, the general use of the concentration of 0.5% -0.05% (refers to the amount of solids); in the treatment of different sources of water and wastewater, the amount of dosage according to the turbidity and concentration of the water to be treated to determine the amount of appropriate dosage can be sought through the test; carefully select the place of delivery and mixing speed, now to ensure that the solution is evenly mixed with the material, but also to avoid the fragmentation of the flocculent. To avoid the flocculating body broken; it is better to add continuously.

Mixing and dissolving: Add the polyquaternium salt to the appropriate solvent and make it fully mixed and dissolved by stirring or mixing equipment. Ensure that the polyquaternium is well dissolved prior to use to ensure performance.

Timing: Determine the timing of the polyquaternary based on the specific application. For example, in water treatment, it may be added at a specific treatment stage.

Temperature conditions: Be aware of the temperature range in which the polyquaternary can be used. Some applications may require specific temperature conditions, so consult the relevant technical documentation or the manufacturer's recommendations before use.

Mixture Stability: Ensure compatibility of the polyquaternium salt with other components when preparing mixtures. Avoid mixing with incompatible chemicals to prevent harmful reactions.


SAFETY OPERATIONS: When working with polyquaternary ammonium salts, it is important to follow relevant safety procedures. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles to prevent contact with skin or eyes.

Ventilation: When handling polyquaternium salts, ensure that they are handled in a well-ventilated environment to avoid inhalation of volatiles.

Avoid mixing: Avoid mixing polyquaternium salts with incompatible chemicals to prevent the formation of hazardous substances or side reactions.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: When storing polyquaternary ammonium salts, take care to store in a dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Avoid storage in hot or humid environments.

Disposal of Waste: Properly handle and dispose of used polyquaternium salts and their waste in accordance with local regulations and rules.

Before using polyquaternium salts, it is recommended to consult the relevant technical documentation and follow the safety and operating instructions provided by the manufacturer.