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Wastewater decolorant [papermaking & dye print]

[Product introduction]

This product is a cationic polymers containing quaternary ammonium salts, which appearance is colorless to light yellow viscose liquid, freezing point:-2.8℃,specific weight:1.04 g/cm3, resolve temperature 280-300℃.This product not only can decolor the hydrophobic disperse dyes effectively, but also to the water affinity dye (reactive dyes, acid dyes). After a test for dye sewage, we found that few dosage can decolor obviously, settle quickly and process the fluid transparency highly, simultaneously reduce the COD, enhanced the removal of COD.

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Wastewater decolorant [papermaking / dye print]


Code KW-2-1 KW-2-2
Appearance Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid
Solid content,% 40±1 ≥50
pH 4.0-7.0 2.0-5.0
Viscosity(25℃),cps ≥70000 30-100


In order to protect environmental, the colored wastewater must be treated, since the color of industrial sewage is dark which discharged from the dyeing chemical factories. This product synthesizes decoloration, flocculation and COD dissolution, has evident synthetic effect in decoloration.

The procedure is based on the technology and experiment.

A. Wastewater pretreatment

Adjust pH value to neutrality with the white lime.

B.Solution preparation

1. Start agitation of the inorganic flocculant pot, feed poly( aluminum chloride) to water slowly and completely, then,we can get 5% poly( aluminum chloride) solution.

2. Start agitation of the organic flocculant pot, feed decolorant to water slowly and completely , then we can get 3‰ decolorant solution.

C. decolor treatment

1.Start agitation of wastewater pool at high stirring rate,and feed the poly( aluminum chloride) solution(about 5-15Kg) to the wastewater simultaneously.

2.Lower the stirring rate, and feed decolorant solution above(about 2-10Kg) to the wastewater simultaneously.

3.stir slowly for a period of time.

4. place it at a standstill.

D.Check quality and filter.

[Package & Storage]

  • 125kg PE Drum.
  • Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool and dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants.
  • The term of validity: Two years. Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.


(1)Your wise advise about our products will be appreciated to improve our product's qualities and services.

(2)There is no fixed pattern for application technologies, therefore, the customer should base on your own craft and the equipment conditions to execute the program and utilize the product.

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