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AKD polymer emulsifier


This product is a new type of strong cationic polymer emulsifier to replace traditional AKD emulsifier. Under the same conditions, each ton of sizing agent can reduce the cost by 50 dollars. There is no need to add a curing accelerator. After use, it can inhibit the hydrolysis of AKD emulsion and extend its shelf life. Reduce sizing and curing time. By avoiding the use of starch-based emulsifiers, it can reduce the COD of papermaking water systems.

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AKD polymer emulsifier


Item KP8
Appearance Brown transparent viscous liquid
Ionic type Cationic
Active content 40±1%
pH 3-7


15% AKD emulsion 2000kg

1. Add 280 kg of deionized water to the dispersion kettle, heat to 66-70 degrees, add 4 kg of zirconium oxychloride, 6 kg of dispersant, turn on the disperser, and low speed.

2. Add high concentration emulsifier KP8 50kg.

3. Put 180kg of AKD wax into the high-level kettle, heat and melt, and control the temperature at 76-80 degrees.

4. Increase the speed of the dispersant, add the melted AKD wax, and disperse for another 20 minutes after the addition.

5. Stop the disperser and homogenize immediately.

6. Add iron-free aluminum sulfate solution (containing 120 kg of solid aluminum sulfate) to adjust the content and pH.

7. Filter and pack them.

[Packing and Transportation]

50kg, 100kg, 200kg plastic drum or according to user requirements.

Posted in Pulp & Paper additives on Apr 10, 2020

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