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Aquaculture clarifying agent

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This product is a polymer resin, which can improve the quality of pond water due to excessive feeding, inefficient application of fertilizers, excessive accumulation of metabolites of aquaculture animals, and natural factors such as weather and water temperature. The cause often causes the appearance of various bad water quality, such as the aging water quality formed by too much organic matter in the water body, such as red water, black water, blue-green algae blooms, and stinky water bodies. This product is not an ordinary polyacrylamide product. It is non-foaming, non-toxic, non-irritating, stable, and safe to use.


a. The purified water quality, especially the clarity, is significantly better than other flocculants.

b. Floc formation is fast and sedimentation speed is faster than traditional products such as aluminum sulfate.

c. Adaptability to source water temperature is better than inorganic flocculants such as aluminum sulfate.

d. The alkalinity in the consumed water is lower than that of various inorganic flocculants, so the alkaline agent can be omitted or less.

e. The source water can be condensed in the range of pH 5.0-9.0.


The amount of the water purifying agent is 0.1-100 mg / L, preferably 1-4 mg / L.


Packed in plastic drums, net weight 25kg / drum or 200kg / drum, 1000kg / drum

Posted in Water treatment chemicals on Apr 09, 2020

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