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Emulsion type cationic retention filter aid


Emulsion-type cationic retention and filter aids are obtained by copolymerizing acrylamide and special cationic monomers to obtain a water-soluble polyelectrolyte. This product is a cationic type with completely hydrophilic properties, easily soluble and dispersed in water, and effective polymer content of more than 40%, becoming a new generation of water-soluble polymer products; completely aqueous polymer concentrate (CAPC).

Emulsion-type cationic retention filter aid is an innovative product developed by our company and has applied for a national invention patent. Its original chemical structure gives it unique properties. Opened up new fields for the application of water-soluble polymers in the waterborne processing industry.

[Application field]

It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional solid powder and granular products and oil-containing emulsion products. For example, solid products require large and expensive foaming devices and strict operation and maintenance requirements. Oil-containing emulsion products are not effective because they are brought into the paper machine system Ingredients and emulsifiers have been criticized. What is more critical is that the unique molecular structure of CAPC products brings new slurry performance.

It has excellent flocculation performance for pulps containing a large amount of fine fibers and colloidal substances. The floc formed is small and dense, which is conducive to the retention of the net portion and the dehydration of the net portion and the press portion. This flocculent itself also has a good adsorption and holding effect on the filler particles.

The product is particularly suitable for pulps with secondary fibers as the main raw material, including the following paper types:

  • Coated white cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Box cardboard
  • Other paper grades

It can be used alone on medium and low speed paper machines to provide comprehensive retention and filtration aid functions; it can also be combined with high molecular weight solid polymers on high speed paper machines to form binary or multiple retention and filter aid systems.

The fine flocculants produced by the emulsion-type cation retention filter aid product can help the paper sheet maintain a good uniformity distribution.


Preparation of the used solution: The emulsion-type cation retention filter aid product needs to be diluted with water to a low concentration solution of about 0.1% before being added to the slurry. There are two ways to prepare the product:

The first method is the online dilution mode. Due to the excellent aqueous solution and water dispersion properties of CAPC products, online dilution of the pipeline can be achieved. It is recommended to use the company's specially designed CAPC online dilution dosing device. Its working principle is that emulsion-type cation retention and filter aid liquid products are pumped into the water line with a special dose pump; a static mixer is used to rapidly mix and dilute the drug with water; and a booster pump is used to dilute the liquid Delivery. Generally, in order to improve the efficiency of the device, it is designed to carry out secondary dilution of the medicinal solution near the dosing point.

The second method is the interstitial infusion mode; this is consistent with the principle of infusion mode in general solid products. Using fully automatic or semi-automatic liquid polymer dilution device, the emulsion-type cationic retention and filter aid is formulated into a 0.5% concentration ripening solution. The ripening solution is stored in a stainless steel or plastic barrel, without stirring, it can be naturally matured. ; Set time requirements. Then use a metering dosing pump (volume type) to add the chemical solution to the slurry. Before entering the slurry, use water or clear white water to make a second dilution to reduce the concentration of the drug solution to a level of 0.01 to 0.1%.

Add points:

Emulsion type cationic retention filter aid products are recommended to be added after the pressure screen. For large size slurry lines, a ring-shaped four-point dosing device is required. Ensure that the liquid medicine and slurry can be mixed quickly and uniformly.

Added dose:

Unit addition: 0.5 ~ 1.5kg / ton paper

Binary addition: 0.25 ~ 0.75kg / ton of paper (added with high molecular weight solid retention aid)

According to the differences of specific paper machines, processes and equipment conditions, our technical engineers can help recommend personalized solutions.

[Safe operation]

1) Emulsion-type cationic retention filter aid is a water-soluble polymer, which forms a highly slippery shape when it encounters parallel imports dissolved in water. Prevent spills on the floor. If there are any spills, absorb them with sand and wood chips in time to remove them.

2) This product is a non-dangerous chemical and adopts general labor protection measures

3) This product and co-water solution are non-corrosive to general materials such as stainless steel, plastic, rubber, FRP, and glass for manufacturing tanks, mixers, meters, and pipelines.

4) Please refer to MSDS for detailed safety operation matters


Increase the dewatering speed of the wire and press sections, reduce steam consumption or increase the speed of the paper machine

Improve the retention of fine fibers and stuffing box additives

  • Reduces deposits in the system due to fine and colloidal components and improves paper machine operability
  • Neutralize and reduce anionic waste, reduce the amount of fixing agent

Reduce COD and BOD of sewage discharged from paper machine system

Bring excellent comprehensive benefits to paper machines


The original packaging of the product is required to be stored in a sealed, cool, ventilated and dry storage environment at room temperature between 10 and 30 °C. Storage below 0.C will cause the product to freeze, and the use of the product will not be affected after heating and thawing. Prolonged storage at high temperatures may increase product viscosity.


  • 120kg PE plastic drum
  • 1000kgPE IBC drum
  • Truck

Posted in Pulp & Paper additives on Apr 10, 2020

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