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Coal washing water treatment agent


The coal washing water treatment agent is a strong cationic polyelectrolyte, and its appearance is a colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid with a freezing point of about -2.8 °C,a specific gravity of about 1.04g/cm3, and a decomposition temperature of 280-300 °C. Coal washing water treatment agent is easily soluble in water, non-flammable, strong cohesive force, good hydrolytic stability, no gelation, insensitivity to changes in pH, and resistance to chlorine. The coal washing water treatment agent is non-toxic and has no adverse reactions on the human body.


Item KW4
Appearance Colorless to light yellow viscous liquid
Solid content,% 40±1
pH 5.0-7.0
Viscosity(5℃),cps ≥70000
Based on dry monomer residue
(bromination method),%


At present ,most coal washing plants are treated with a single agent [anionic polyacrylamide]. Long-term use causes the water body to become sticky, the water is turbid, and the sedimentation rate is slowed down. Even higher molecular weight polyacrylamide is difficult to handle.

The quality of the coal washing water is complex. The coal washing water treatment agent and polyacrylamide are used in a certain proportion to treat coal washing water of different water quality, destroy the electric double layer of pollutants in the coal washing water, accelerate the sedimentation of coal slime and heavy metals, and the floating of floating oil in water. Reduce the pollution of the coal washing water to the environmental system. For coal washing water with large mud content, the effect is obvious. It can greatly reduce the operating cost of the circulating closed-circuit water system, reduce the frequency of water change, reduce the shutdown time, and improve the economic benefits of coal washing enterprises.


Conduct a small-scale on-site coal water test before boarding the machine to determine the application method and dosage of coal washing water treatment agent.

[Packaging and storage]

  • Use 125kg PE plastic bucket.
  • Seal the package, keep it sealed, and avoid contact with strong oxidants. It is valid for two years and can be transported as non-dangerous goods.

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